A consultation on changes to requirements for applicants to demonstrate financial provision for waste management activities

Closed 4 Dec 2015

Opened 4 Sep 2015


This consultation provides an opportunity for you to give your views on SEPA’s proposed approach to financial provision for waste management sites.  We are proposing to change the way in which we calculate financial liability for waste management sites and how we require applicants to demonstrate adequate financial provision for waste management activities.  We intend to improve the way in which we assess financial provision in relation to new sites and to apply a new approach to existing sites in certain circumstances. 

We are proposing that, where there is greater risk, applicants for or holders of waste management authorisations should be required to ensure funds are ring fenced. This means that steps should be taken to ensure that funds are secure but also available where required.

The proposed changes will help ensure that, where we conclude that ring fenced funds are necessary, the amount is sufficient, the mechanism is secure and the money is available when required.  The risk-based approach will provide a balance between protection of the environment, landowners and the public purse on one hand and impact on waste operators on the other.

The proposed changes will be relevant to activities authorised under waste management licences granted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and to permits for waste management activities (including landfill activities) granted under the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations.

Why We Are Consulting

SEPA is seeking comments on the proposals from interested parties including regulated customers, trade associations, representative bodies and local authorities. 

You are encouraged to respond to this consultation by completing the online survey.


  • Local Authorities
  • Industry
  • SEPA Staff


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