WAT-PS-10: Assigning groundwater assessment criteria for pollutant inputs

Closed 31 Mar 2021

Opened 23 Nov 2020


The Scottish Government is consulting on a framework for protecting Scotland’s groundwater from pollution. One key element of the consultation proposes revised environmental standards for substances that can adversely affect groundwater. 

To align with the proposed revised standards SEPA has revised the guidance, WAT-PS-10, on Assigning Groundwater Assessment Criteria for Pollutant Inputs which is set out below.

It is recommended that you read the Scottish Government consultation prior to reading this guidance. This will allow you to understand the changes being proposed by the Scottish Government before reading SEPA’s more detailed guidance on using the standards.

The closing date for this consultation is 31 March 2021, not 12 February as stated in the pdf document. Due to a sophisticated criminal cyber-attack on SEPA, we are unable to amend the document at this time. 

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Why your views matter

The key concepts and associated questions with regard to groundwater standards and how they should be used are set out in the Scottish Government consultation document. To help industry and other interested stakeholders further understand the detail of the proposed approach SEPA has updated the guidance, WAT-PS-10, on assigning groundwater assessment criteria for pollutant inputs. SEPA is seeking your views on this position statement and have set out a number of questions throughout the document to do this.   


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