Proposals for an Integrated Authorisation Framework

Closed 12 Apr 2017

Opened 12 Jan 2017


This is a Scottish Government consultation that sets out proposals for a new integrated environmental authorisation framework for SEPA. The new framework plans to bring together the authorisation, procedural and enforcement arrangements for existing environmental protection regimes relating to water, waste, radioactive substances and pollution prevention and control.

This consultation sets out the detail of the proposals for a new integrated authorisation framework and the impacts they will have for each environmental regulation regime. The framework is a key component of the joint Better Environmental Regulation programme run by Scottish Government and SEPA.

You can find more information on these proposals and details on how to respond on the Scottish Government’s Consultation Hub.


  • Industry
  • Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Water
  • Air
  • Waste
  • Land


  • Regulated activities
  • Better regulation