Tyre Sector Plan

Closed 20 Nov 2018

Opened 9 Oct 2018


We're creating a world class environment protection agency by grounding our regulation and activities across whole sectors. Sector plans will be at the heart of everything we do and will shape our interactions with business.

The Tyre Sector Plan will encourage innovation and shape how the agency regulates the industry. With approximately 100 tyres turned into waste every 15 minutes in Scotland SEPA is committed to working with partners to eliminate the problem of waste tyres.

This sector plan sets out how SEPA will work with the tyre sector; from those who commission, design and manufacture tyres through to the businesses and operators who use, collect, recycle and recover waste tyres. For our vision and objectives to be achieved our staff will work with partners and facilitate liaison between them and the tyre sector to create opportunities that link business success with environmental success. The plan prioritises light van and passenger vehicle tyres as the biggest challenge to One Planet Prosperity although it does include bus and truck tyres in the overall plan.

Why your views matter

We are committed to sharing information about the work we do with our communities and that our customers will be clear on our objective that environmental compliance is non-negotiable. This consultation provides an opportunity for communities to inform and enrich the decisions we take every day to protect and enhance Scotland's environment while making it easier for businesses to idenfity opportunities to work with SEPA and others in the sector to go beyond compliance.

We would love to hear what you think of our draft plan. Once it’s finalised, we are going to push on and implement it. So if you think we’ve got something wrong, missed something out or not been as transparent as possible, please let us know your thoughts. We want to get this right and then get on with it.

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