Bathing water signage consultation

Closed 13 Oct 2020

Opened 22 Sep 2020

Results updated 28 Sep 2021

AECOM has undertaken a Market Research and Key Stakeholder Engagement exercise to gather views on the proposed changes to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) bathing water signage.

The findings of our consultation are below. 



AECOM on behalf of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is seeking views on a new a generation of bathing water signage. Before completion of the proof of concept units, we are seeking opinions on a range of aspects related to the functionality and design of the signage to allow us to deliver quality services for local communities, businesses and other bathing water users.

Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment, helping communities and businesses thrive within the resources of our planet. This is called One Planet Prosperity.

Bathing waters across Scotland provide space for recreation and relaxation, and support for businesses through tourism. Monitoring our bathing waters to protect and improve water quality for all users is carried out by SEPA.
SEPA works in partnership with Scottish Water and Scottish local authorities to raise all sites to their best possible level of classification.

SEPA offers a range of services to users during the bathing water season, including daily water quality predictions through electronic signs at bathing water sites, via the SEPA website and the beachline telephone number.  Bathing water sites are included in the beach signage program if our evidence indicates they are particularly susceptible to a deterioration in water quality after heavy rainfall and are at risk of a poor overall classification.

Further information regarding the 31 site locations and bathing water signage programme can be found on SEPA's bathing water web page


Why your views matter

SEPA plan to upgrade the current bathing water signage, with the next generation in signage design improving the delivery of bathing water information for residents and visitors alike.

These new signs are at design stage with six proof of concept units for build in 2020. It is proposed that there could be the opportunity to replace the existing signs on a rolling programme from 2021.  

We are also looking to capture views on future bathing water signage technologies.


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