One Planet Prosperity: Our Flooding Services Strategy

Closed 11 Dec 2020

Opened 8 Oct 2020


One Planet Prosperity: Our Flooding Services Strategy will allow SEPA to help Scotland to prepare more powerfully for future increased flooding. It sets out how we will refocus our flooding services in response to the climate emergency and how we will be ready to tackle the challenges of future flood risk. It puts Scotland’s people and places at the heart of our work and will build resilience to flood risk.

The strategy maps out our ideas for how we can do our flooding work in the tougher future that Scotland faces. We are committing to a focused 10 year plan that will enable sustainable, adaptable places, create transformative partnerships and ensure a voice for those communities most disadvantaged as well as provide trusted information for people to make decisions on.

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Why your views matter

One Planet Prosperity: Our Flooding Services Strategy has been developed with significant engagement, research and insights since 2018, being shaped by our staff, AMT’s direction, the Board’s oversight and engagement with you, our partners and stakeholders.

We want you to reflect on the strategy and see how we have taken forward the insights we developed throughout its development as well as get your feedback on the direction we have set out for the future.

What happens next

The consultation will remain open for 8 weeks and will close on Friday 4th December.


  • Local Authorities
  • Responsible Authorities


  • Flood Risk Management Planning