CAR/L/5003855 - Strabag UK: Coire Glas Pumped Storage Hydro

Closed 27 Dec 2022

Opened 23 Nov 2022

Results updated 21 Apr 2023

SEPA granted the Permit CAR/L/5003855 on 21 April 2023.



It is part of SEPA’s remit to protect the water environment.  We regulate through authorisations that limit the scope and scale of the activity.

If you have an interest in this application, please tell us by completing the following questions and submitting them to us by 27 December 2022.

Application Details

We received an application from Strabag UK Limited, on 3 November 2022 for a new authorisation to carry out a discharge of treated water from tunnel construction works to Loch Lochy (CAR/L/5003855).

The application form provided by the applicant is available below:

The applicant has placed an advert in the national and local press. You have until 27 December 2022 to submit your comments.

Why your views matter

Why are we consulting?

This is your opportunity to let us know about any risks you believe the activity(ies) will have on:

  • the water environment, including potential impacts to species and habitats 
  • the interests of other users of the water environment, resulting from an aspect of the proposed activity that we regulate.

How we will manage responses

At the end of the consultation, we will publish all comments. You can tell us within the consultation if you do not want your comment published. If this is the case, we will publish a note saying that we received a response but have not made it publicly available.

We will write to everyone who responded to the consultation and provided contact details, outlining the feedback received, how it has been taken into account and our proposed decision. If you disagree with our decision, you will be given the opportunity to request that Scottish Ministers ‘call-in’ the application for their determination.

Scottish Minister may agree to call-in an application if: 

  • the representation provides clear reason for the objection, supported by evidence;
  • the objection relates to material considerations raised during determination of the application.

The full criteria for Ministerial consideration are listed on

The final decision will be published on this website along with the authorisation, if granted.

What happens next

The following document is a list of representations made between 23 November 2022 and 27 December 2022.

SEPA issued a letter outlining the proposed determination to everyone who made a representation on 22 March 2023, providing these people with the opportunity to notify Scottish Ministers of any objections to the decision.


  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Distilling
  • Hydropower
  • Local Authorities
  • Responsible Authorities
  • Fisheries
  • Industry
  • Landowners/ managers
  • Forestry
  • National Parks
  • Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)
  • Public
  • Developers
  • Water


  • Water Regulation
  • Regulated activities
  • Better regulation
  • Permit application
  • Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations