Waste management (waste motor vehicle) permit consultation

Closed 21 Feb 2020

Opened 24 Jan 2020


As part of our work to deliver One Planet Prosperity we have committed to simplify our permits across all sectors. Our Metals sector plan, published in December 2018, further commits to reforming metal sector permits. The first of these permits has now been revised – a simple, outcome-focussed permit for waste motor vehicle management facilities.

In this consultation, we will introduce our permit reform process, outline the key changes to the permit and provide you with an opportunity to give feedback on key areas.

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Why your views matter

Getting feedback from our communities, partners and stakeholders is important, and your input is critical to the success of our new permit. If you think we’ve got something wrong, ‘missed the mark’, or if anything is unclear now is your opportunity to let us know.

Following our consultation process, we are aiming to move all existing permits to the new template by March 2021. We aim to have the highest priority sites on the new permit template by the end of March 2020. If you are the operator of a waste motor vehicle management facility, you will be contacted by us before this process starts.


  • Local Authorities
  • Responsible Authorities
  • Waste


  • Regulated activities