Leather Sector Plan

Closed 15 Feb 2019

Opened 21 Dec 2018


Leather production has taken place in Scotland for many years.  There are many improvements in the environmental performance of the sector that have been made and many more opportunities for further enhancements.

That’s why this draft sector plan is so important. It spells out ideas for how SEPA can assist the sector to solve any compliance issues and to develop actions that take it well beyond compliance standards.

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A print version of the sector plan for consultation is also available.

Why we are consulting

The draft sector plans are our initial ideas on where we can make the most significant impact. Getting feedback early in the process from our communities, partners and stakeholders is important and your feedback is critical to the success of our sector planning approach. If you think that we have got something wrong, missed a critical opportunity or not been as transparent as possible, please let us know your thoughts.

We aim to get these plans finalised in the first months of 2019 and then push on to implement them. Your views will also help to shape the prioritisation for the implementation, which will be completed following the consultation period.


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