Waste data consultation

Closed 14 Oct 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019


We're changing today, creating a world-class organisation fit for the challenges of tomorrow, including producing information and evidence that people use to make decisions. As environmental issues become more central to health, well-being and sustainable economic growth, environmental information should be needed more to make decisions that achieve all three objectives. If our information and advice is top-quality, people will use it in their decision-making; it will not just ‘raise awareness’.

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Why We Are Consulting

Waste data returns from waste management operations regulated by us include significantly more information than is currently made available to the public. In line with SEPA’s direction in publishing and sharing more waste data in an open format, to align with Scotland’s waste data strategy and the Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy, we propose to make more of the information from waste data returns available to the public via publication on SEPA’s website  and / or release on request.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your view on this proposal. The consultation is targeted at waste management operators that provide data returns to SEPA, users of the data and interested members of the public.


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