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  • The use of biomass or feed to regulate the organic output from marine pen fish farming to the environment

    Scotland is the largest Atlantic salmon aquaculture producer in the European Union and third in the world after Norway and Chile. A contributing factor to this is Scotland’s reputation for a high quality environment and abundant freshwater resources. SEPA’s vision is that... More
    Closes 17 January 2020
  • Non-hazardous landfill permit consultation

    As part of SEPA’s work to deliver One Planet Prosperity we have committed to simplifying our permits across all sectors. Our landfill sector plan published in November 2018 further commits to developing landfill permits with clearer obligations. The first of the landfill... More
    Closes 28 February 2020
  • The Leven Programme - Connectivity Project survey

    The Leven Programme is a regeneration initiative with the environment and people at its heart. It aims to breathe life back into the River Leven and improve the areas surrounding it, making them great places to live, work and visit. Reconnecting people and place is a key... More
    Closes 3 April 2020
  • Sector plans

    We recognise that as a society, we are over-using our planet’s resources, and if everyone lived as we do in Scotland, we would need three planets to sustain ourselves. In the 21st century, only those businesses, societies and nations which have developed ways to prosper within the planet’s... More
    Closes 30 April 2021
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