Dairy Production Sector Plan

Closed 15 Feb 2019

Opened 21 Dec 2018


Dairy production is an important sector in the Scottish economy. SEPA has developed a good working relationship with this sector over the past few years. Producers in this sector have made efforts to improve their environmental performance, but significant non-compliance challenges remain.

We will work with and regulate the industry to address the environmental challenges they face in becoming a compliant sector.

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A print version of the sector plan for consultation is also available.

Why your views matter

This draft plan spells out how we will use our established relationships to work hard to ensure the dairy production sector becomes compliant. Many opportunities for good practice and technology enhancement exist that will help the sector to make further progress and, ultimately, go beyond compliance. SEPA is determined to assist the sector so we help create stronger businesses operating within the means of one planet.




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