Application information: DY Oldhall Energy Recovery Limited, Oldhall Energy Recovery Facility

Closed 23 Dec 2020

Opened 25 Nov 2020


Application details

On 25 November 2020 SEPA received an application from DY Oldhall Energy Recovery Limited for an energy from waste facility at 16 – 20 Murdoch Place, Oldhall West Industrial Estate, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA11 5DG. This activity is regulated under the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (commonly known as PPC).

The initial four-week public consultation on the application is now closed. Representations out with this period can still be made to A further consultation will be undertaken by SEPA on any draft permit to operate the facility. The full determination process, including the next steps, is set out below.

SEPA's role

SEPA is the public body tasked with protecting and reporting on the state of the environment of Scotland. We do this by regulating activities that can cause pollution, by monitoring the quality of Scotland’s air, land and water and by working to enable those we regulate to comply with the legislation.

SEPA has examined the application documents received and is content that there is sufficient information to begin the determination process. If further information is required to complete the process, DY Oldhall Energy Recovery Limited will have to provide it.

Determination process

  • DY Oldhall Energy Recovery Limited have placed adverts in the relevant local newspaper(s) and the Edinburgh Gazette. These let the public know that an application has been submitted, where it can be viewed and where they can send relevant comments they would like SEPA to consider.
  • There is then a four-week period, for the public to make comments. Representations out with this period can still be made to
  • The application has been sent, by SEPA, to statutory consultees, including the local health board.
  • SEPA has a legal duty to take regard of comments made during the formal 28-day consultation period. SEPA may consider representations made out with the consultation period.
  • SEPA has issued a Notice requiring further information regarding this application, it has a duty to make available any further information submitted onto the Public Register. However, on Christmas Eve 2020, SEPA was subject to a serious and complex cyber-attack which has significantly impacted our internal systems, processes and communications, visit our web page for more information. As a result, access to the Public Register is not currently available.
  • Although, in this application, SEPA will consider any relevant representations made by the public about any further information submitted, it will not hold any further formal or public consultation until it has prepared a draft decision (see below).
  • Written representations will be placed on the Public Register unless people advised in writing, at the same time as they made the representation, that they wished it to be kept from the Register. SEPA has summary information for this application available via the links below.
  • SEPA has decided to make this type of application publicly available via our website.
  • SEPA has four months from the application date to consider the information in the application and any additional information provided during the consultation process. We will then produce a draft decision document, which may include a draft Permit. A longer period could be agreed with DY Oldhall Energy Recovery Limited, and where additional information is required to complete the decision process the determination time would automatically be extended.
  • Having reviewed the application, SEPA’s draft decision (including any draft Permit or draft Refusal Notice) will follow a further period of public consultation. This will be published by SEPA on our consultation hub.


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  • Industry
  • Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)
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  • Water
  • Air
  • Waste
  • Land
  • Local community


  • Industrial emissions directive (IED)
  • Permit application